Optimizing Your Site and Your Campaigns

Time and time again I have been asked if it’s best to optimize your websites for only a few keywords or a bunch of keywords. Also, what about P-P-C advertising? How does your P-P-C advertising affect your websites keyword list choice? Well, I always offer advice to my readers based upon my own success and the results that I have produced based upon the techniques I use. In terms of website optimization, I would say that it is best to optimize your site for two to three keywords or phrases. This strategy is highly recommended because it tightly targets your site for those specific keywords in your niche. And because your site is so tightly targeted, you will easily attract the search engines and they will see the relevance of your site and give your site a higher search rank.

However, in terms of pay per click or P-P-C – as it is often referred to as, your optimization technique is a little bit different. I always advise people to use a big list of keywords when making your P-P-C campaigns as this draws in more keyword searches. This way your advertising dollars are going farther by ensuring that you have a nice selection of keywords. The bigger your list and the more long tail keywords you have the better chance it will be for people to see your ad and click on it — thereby drawing in more traffic to your website. Although it is fairly straightforward to have more keywords and keyword phrases for your P-P-C campaigns, there is a little more involvement when optimizing your pages for the search engines…

Here are some tips to follow when optimizing your site for the search engines:Keywords and Keyword Phrases – Ensuring that you use the main keyword to optimize your site is essential in having people and the search engines find you. Select the best keywords and phrases that describe what your site is all about. Keyword targeting is a must!

Meta Tags – Although a lot of the search engines no longer use meta tags for keyword ranking, it is still essential to include them in your website. What are meta tags exactly? They are HTML code that can be found within the and tags. The tags contain the description of your site and this description is picked up by the search engines. Actually, your meta tag is not only important for search but it is your description that is most important. This description is what your human visitors will see when they search for information in your niche. They will be able to see your sites description (packed with keywords) during their search so the more specific you are at describing your website and exactly what it is you have to offer them, the better.

Title Tags – This is the most important keyword or keyword phrase of your website. Another key point is always use your most relevant keyword / keyword phrase in lower case to ensure you are found by the search engines and are highly ranked.

Content – Ensure that your content is relevant and informative to the reader. The search engines can spot a “filler” site any day. As long as you provide good, solid content to your readers and mix your content with your main keywords and keyword phrases you should be able to rank fairly well in the search engines.

Image Alt Tags – These tags are extremely important if you plan to have images and graphics on your website. An image alt tag is essentially a readable keyword phrase within your Image Tags. Saving image files and naming your image alt tags using your sites main keywords can add extra traffic to your website. Not only will your great keyword-rich content site be picked up by the search engines, but your use of image alt tags on your images will also be picked up by the search engines! Don’t overlook this opportunity to optimize and gain better traffic results. After all, you worked hard on your website and you deserve to see the best results!

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