Only 48 hours left…

Yesterday my friend Shawn Casey and I
opened registration to the public for
Wealth Madness Live in December!

The response was AMAZING and seats
are flying fast!

Grab one of the remaining 193 seats below:

Tera, take a moment and ask yourself
these 3 important questions…

1. Did You Make All The Money You Wanted In 2006?

2. Did You Get Everything You Desired?

3. Is Your Business Setup For Success In 2007?

If you didn’t answer a loud and resounding YES
to all of those questions, then you need to
join Shawn and I (and 12 of our most trusted
personal mentors and strategy partners) now!

The ‘Early bird’ special discount is only
good until Midnight on Monday, so hurry
and grab your spot before it’s too late!

Plus, get your seat now and receive over
$844 in powerful business exploding
bonuses just for taking action!

…and one last thing.

This 3 day event will be unlike anything else
you’ve ever been to. Me, Shawn, our friends,
& mentors are going to give you an action plan
for success in 2007!

Join us now:

See you there,

Matt Bacak

P.S. 193 seats remain and one of them is for you!

Many people will see this offer today, It’s the
people that take action on it and join us that
will look back on these three days as the days
everything changed!

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