“The Nuts and Bolts of Internet Marketing and Opt-In Lists”

There are 5 Basic Steps of Internet Marketing which include:

Step #1: Discover and sell what you are passionate about. What is your mission in life? You need to determine this because you are more apt to be successful if you work in an industry and/or niche that you feel passionate about. Find something that you can see yourself doing for several years down the road. Your passion will help you achieve success over any obstacles that may come your way.

Tip: Your business exists to support you…you don’t exist to support your business.

Step #2: Target your marketing to a niche market. Get rich in your niche.

Step #3: Find a lead product or products that your target market desires. Create low cost products under $100.

Step #4: Build and develop your own profit pipeline. You want to have a wealth funnel. This helps you maximize the amount of profit you can earn from your entire business. Profit pipeline is when you find leads and introduce them to your product through promotion and at the end of your pipeline you earn profit.

Step #5: Up sell your customers with your medium cost and high profit backend products. High ticket products are those that are $500 or higher. You only need to sell a few high ticket items to make as much or more than selling a bunch of low ticket items. Therefore, strive to sell these high ticket backend items.

Benefits of own opt-in list:

1. Builds your credibility in your niche market.

2. Builds a relationship with a large number of people. You use technology to build human relationship. In other words, you use your website to grab their attention and you talk to them on the phone to create a human component of your relationship.

3. You can convert subscribers into buyers more often than just having a list of readers.

4. You earn more money through multiple streams of income that incorporate your list.

5. You insure monthly income as long as you provide pertinent content and offers.

6. You can engage in free, instant market research by surveying your list. For example, your survey can help you create a product that your customers want.

7. You are able to promote others through joint ventures. For example, you can promote their book on Amazon to your list.

8. You have a massive amount of people that you can interact with and brainstorm with everyday.

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