“The Nuts and Bolts of the Ask Campaign – Part I”

You know that you can reach your customers more effectively by engaging in an Ask Campaign. However, you are not sure how to run an Ask campaign. What should you ask? How should you ask it? Are there steps you can follow? Read on to find out how to run your own Ask campaign and achieve amazing results.

Ask Campaign Steps:Step 1: Ask your customer list this question through email:”What is the single most important question you have about ____?”

For example, if you are an expert in website conversion then you could ask:”Listen, my name is “X” and I’m wondering if you cornered me for five minutes, what is the single most important question you would ask me about converting more websites into cash?”

Send your customer list to a website where they can input their questions. Save the questions into a database.

Step 2: From the questions you receive, pick a smaller number such as 21 questions that you will answer on a teleseminar. Note: You could receive hundreds, even thousands of questions.

Step 3: Send a second email 3-4 weeks later that reminds them of the question you asked in the original email. Tell your customers that you have gone through the questions and deleted an overlap and have picked the 21 most pertinent questions. Tell your customer list that the teleseminar is based on these questions and is titled “The 21 Most Common Questions about “X””.

Your customer list will then attend the teleseminar because they want to see if their question will be answered. Plus, they want to know the answer to the other questions that were asked.
An Ask campaign is a great way to connect with your customers, but also remember these general business tips:

Tip 1: Your business is only as good as the questions you ask.

Tip 2: You don’t want to be tied to your product. For example, you may have created a successful product in the past. Your product may now have become obsolete. So instead of sticking with the original product you can create a new product.

For example, one Internet business guru created a popup generator product. Then the market was flooded with popup blockers. So he created a popup blocker product as well. Then he took it one step further and created a software program that will stop the popup blocker so popups could once again show up on a persons’ computer.

Combine your Ask campaign with these general business tips and you are setting yourself up for business victory.

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