“The NET- Marketing System – Step Three”

Remember, the 3 Step Net-marketing System:

N – Niche

E – Expert

T – Target

Let’s take a look at the third step.

Step #3: Target customers in your niche. There is a bounty of ways to target your customers. Plus, many of these ways are free.

1. You can place ads on ezines, search engines, and various websites. The key is to track the effectiveness of each ad. Use pay-per-click advertising.

2. Use other peoples’ traffic and other peoples’ lists. Go back to the people that you worked with to get testimonials and content. Who did you interview? Do they have a complementary list that they would be willing to share? Make sure that you are willing to share the wealth as well when you have an established list.

Tip: Within your niche find out who gets the most traffic and ask for their lists. You can use http://www.alexa.com to find out if they really are getting the traffic to their website that they claim.

Tip: Offer to work through a joint venture affiliate program in order to obtain their lists. You can offer complementary products in your niche. You can promote each other’s complementary products to your subscriber lists.

Tip: Establish relationships with other authorities in your niche right from the start of your online business. These relationships will set you up for joint ventures which can bring in more subscribers and more money.

Tip: Don’t overlook the offline opportunities. You can have joint ventures that are in the offline arena.

3. You can promote and sell your products to website visitors directly on the website and/or after they have opted in to your list. It depends on your niche and product. You can perform testing and see which method works the best.

4. Make sure that customers opt-in to your list when they visit your website. If they close your website before opting in to your list, make sure that you have an exit pop up that asks them to sign up for your list.

5. Make sure to offer free bonuses that tempt people to subscribe to your list. You should also offer free bonuses with your product. The free bonuses should be relevant to your product and the problems of customers that are within your niche. Make sure to give the value of each bonus so your customer will realize just how much of a great deal they are receiving if they sign up for your list and/or buy your product.

6. Follow up with an Autoresponder sequence of emails. These emails continue to build the relationship with your customers. The emails also allow you to continually sell to your customers.

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