Make Money…Selling on eBay

Make Money…Selling on eBay

You’ve heard all the hype surrounding eBay and are now wondering how you can make money on eBay. Check out this article “Make Money…Selling on eBay” to learn all the basics on selling on eBay. This article will take you through step by step, on how easy it is to make money on eBay. Who knows, maybe you will turn out to be an eBay success story!

Make tons of money selling your stuff! Mom quits job to stay home selling on eBay! Shop yard sales – then start selling on eBay!

You’ve probably heard lots of stories about people making money selling on eBay. Perhaps you’ve made some satisfying purchases on eBay and are now ready to get your feet wet by selling on eBay. Grab a cup of coffee, relax and learn more about how easy it is to start selling on eBay.

Why eBay?
More than half a million people are currently making their living selling on eBay. Businesses report that their eBay stores do more business than their traditional storefront. People all over the world are taking advantage of eBay. It is an efficient, low-cost distribution channel with a reach of over 86 million registered users!

1. Do your research
A great piece of advice for selling on eBay is to do your research first, before listing your items.
Check out your competitors selling similar items to see how they have positioned their product on eBay.
Find out answers to:

  • What is the opening bid amount?
  • How have they described the item?
  • What category have they listed their item?
  • Is it listed in multiple categories?
  • Are many people bidding or is it a fight between just a few bidders?
  • Was there a flurry of activity just before the bid closed?
  • Is your item seasonal and would it make sense to list it at a particular time of year?

Don’t be selling Christmas ornaments in April!

2. Choose a title that catches attention
Be sure to use key words that you found were common during your research. Your title needs to catch the buyer’s attention, get them to click on the item and of course – bid! Don’t waste precious characters on useless terms like ‘WOW’!

3. Take the time to describe your Item
The lack of descriptions on thousands of items selling on eBay is surprising. You will generate more interest and get far more bids on the item you are selling on eBay if you create compelling, creative and descriptive copy. The average eBay purchaser will not email for more information, be sure to provide all the pertinent information in the description.

4. Pictures…Pictures…Pictures!
We’ve all seen the fuzzy, indecipherable pictures on eBay. If you really want to be successful at selling on eBay, take clear, close-up pictures! A great picture really is worth a thousand words and offering pictures taken from several different angles will help you get higher bids.

5. Choose your auction type and set your starting price
If you already purchase on eBay, then you are familiar with the different auction formats available. When selling on eBay, remember that you are not limited to the typical auction format. You can use Buy it Now, Sell at a Fixed Price or use a Dutch auction to sell multiple
identical items.

Determining your starting price for your item you are selling on eBay can be tricky. Start too high and could turn off potential bidders, start to low and you may never realize as high a price as was possible. By doing your research up front before you start selling on eBay, you can determine an appropriate starting price. A reserve bid is also an option, that way; you are not obligated to sell your item unless a bidder reaches your reserve bid amount.

Finally, remember that the auction type and initial bid price does influence your insertion fees.

Stop thinking just thinking about selling on eBay and get started! Start out slowly; say with only an auction or two. Learn the ropes as you go. Join an online eBay group to share ideas and to learn more from people who’ve been selling on eBay for years. Selling on eBay is relatively risk-free; just remember to take your time when setting up your listing and you will reap the benefits of multiple bidders taking your auction bid higher and higher!

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