A Late Product Launch – What to Do

So, you’ve come out with a new product and everything is coming along nicely. You’ve done your research and things are moving full spped ahead but then you reach a stumbling block. Your launch date has been pushed back but you’ve already told your list of your original launch date. Now what?

I’ll let you know what you should do if your launch date is delayed. But first I do want you to get in the habit of sending stuff out on an ongoing basis. But in relation to this situation, if you’re sending out an email, tell them why there’s a delay. Basically, if there’s a delay and there’s a reason for the delay let your subscribers know. Say something like, “Hey, look, I promised you I’d give you this but here’s the problem…” Or something like… “The reason I’m not getting it out to you is because…” Make sure you use the word “because” and then just let them know why. After that you could tell them it’ll come out very soon and that you’ll be sure to let them know about it.

However, in the meantime, send out some good information by telling them that while they wait you’ve got an email coming to them tomorrow. And tell them to go and check it out.” Use that as a teaser. Let them know what’s going on. Tell them you’re sorry, it’s coming, and then start making the offer. Keeping your audience in the loop builds trust and proves to them that you are reliable and they’ll feel comfortable buying from you and listening to what it is you have to say.

You could also bribe them by saying something like, “since I was late in meeting the launch date, here’s a free gift for you.” Let them know that you care and show some sincerity. People like compassion and honesty – especially in business.

In any event if you are late on your launch, communicate with your audience and keep them informed so that they don’t feel ignored or taken advantage of. When you build anticipation and under-deliver it can hurt your business. Always over-deliver and you’re visitors will bring you the bacon every time.

Remember, always mail to your list. As I always say, an email a day keeps bankruptcy away.

Warmest regards,

Matt Bacak

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