Last Night’s Webinar RECORDING :-)

UPDATED: July 27th @ 12:01AM EST: Sorry, the webinar link has expired…

Really quickly.

Ever since we got off that EPIC call last night with Greg Jacobs
people have been hounding me to pieces to get their hands on his stuff

Well to save you some time, this is what happened

1 – Greg brought down the house and left me with my jaw dropped
2 – we sold out in like minutes
3 – Furious hordes of angry customers have been “DEMANDING” all
day that Greg release more copies

So I went to bat for you and got Greg to release
20 more copies. Just watch and get it here:

Be Fast before they are gone

-Matt Bacak

P.S. And to top it all off, Greg now made a payment plan
available. Meaning you can pay in 3 monthly installments

Go here:

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