Keyword Density is Essential for Your Online Articles

If you have a website you know how important your content is. I’m sure you’ve heard of the phrase “content is king”. Well, that is 100% true! The content you provide your visitors with is key to the success of your website. It has to be relevant and informative content that your readers will find useful – after all you are the expert!

But although the information you provide your readers with is important, it is also extremely important to be found by the search engines. The way to do this is through keyword rich content. Keyword density plays a substantial role increasing your search engine ranking and furthermore in growing your business.
What is keyword density you ask?

Well, according to, keyword density is “the percentage of words on a web page that match a specified set of keywords. In the context of search engine optimization keyword density can be used as a factor in determining whether a web page is relevant to a specified keyword or keyword phrase”. You need to ensure that your webpage has the necessary amount of keywords to be read by the search engines so that your particular page gets a good ranking.

If you have no experience in writing keyword rich pages, there are several software programs that can help you with this. Usually you should have your keyword listed within the first 90 characters of your body content and then spread it and other related keywords throughout your article. Six times is the number that comes to mind. But to ensure your page is keyword dense, a keyword density software program can assist you with this. Some website builder programs that do this are SiteBuildIt and XsitePro to name a few. You can also do a search online under the term “keyword density” and your search will return a large selection of software programs you can use to build your pages. A free keyword density analyzer tool I found was You can analyze your page at no cost to you!

However, one thing you must remember is to take your time and look around for information to make your pages keyword dense. There are also forums where you can post and have lots of people help advise you on the best tools available on the market. As long as you stay informed and educated in the world of online marketing you will definitely be able to build keyword dense pages that will help grow your business.

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