The JV Approach Letter

JV’s or joint ventures are a popular way that businesses partner with other businesses and leverage their products and resources to make more money. According to a joint venture is “an entity formed between two or more parties to undertake economic activity together. The parties agree to create a new entity by both contributing equity, and they then share in the revenues, expenses, and control of the enterprise”.

When you approach a potential joint venture partner what you need to do is tell people exactly what the product is, how much money your splits are going to be and how they can contact you. So when I start and go through, what you want to do is say something like, “Hey, my name is Matt and I’m looking for people that are interested in promoting XYZ product which is in this niche” or whatever. Say, “I’m going to pay out this much money per product. Contact me so I can get you started making money now.” Or something like that.

Next, once we get to the point where, after I get done with the questions, submit that and guess what? I’ll send out an email to everybody and let them know about the joint venture. Once that is done you’ll probably get people to contact you and do a joint venture. But what you really need to do is start getting your marketing funnel set up. You need to have it ready just to make it easier on everybody, is write the emails for people to market the product for. If you have the product made, you need to get the sales letter up as soon as possible.

When you get the sales letter up, you need to get emails written to drive people to that page. You want to have them written so you can just hand them to your affiliates and have them send out an email with that offer to their list. It’s a really good way to generate more sales and more traffic. You should also send the same emails to your list as well. But when you do you might want to test out various versions of the emails with your list first and then you can pass along the winning emails to your partners. You may want to say something like, “Hey, here’s some emails that I’ve used for my list. They’ve worked really well. Use these.”

Once you get a few JV deals you will begin seeing an increase in both your traffic and your revenues!

Warmest regards,

Matt Bacak

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