Is Google Slapping You?

– Matt Bacak Walks Away from ‘Google Slap’ Unscathed

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The slap heard round the Internet marketing world leaves Matt Bacak, “The Powerful Promoter,” virtually untouched. While thousands in his position lament Google’s most recent round of punishment, Bacak goes about his business as usual, continuing to profit from his Adwords’ campaign despite the hoopla.

Suwanee, GA (PRWEB) October 3, 2006 — Google’s latest attempt at penalizing advertisers of weak landing pages and referral pages may be the slap that’s been heard around the Internet marketing world, but “The Powerful Promoter,” Matt Bacak’s ears have been deaf to the uproar. In fact, he’s taking the whole “Google Slap” in stride, continuing to profit from his own Adwords’ campaigns, even while his competitors are being penalized for their advertising efforts. Internet marketers who are interested in seeing the type of site Google finds perfectly acceptable can visit Bacak online at Promoting Tips.

Basically, Google likes throwing their weight around just to let everyone know they’re still the gorilla on the block.

What’s the “Google Slap”? In a nutshell, it’s the punishment Google is doling out to AdWords’ advertisers who are attempting to take advantage of the system. It’s being felt hardest by Internet marketers who are advertising single landing pages or referral pages as opposed to full Web sites. Those being “slapped” are being asked to shell out $5 to $10 per click-through rather than the $0.10 per click-through they’re accustomed to.

Advertisers who have felt the sting of the “Google Slap” are in a tizzy over Google’s most recent changes to its Adwords’ page and with good reason. They’re losing business, and cash flow, by the second. Matt Bacak, “The Powerful Promoter” isn’t one of them, however. He’s continuing to see heavy traffic flow in spite of all the hoopla. When asked to explain how he’s avoided the slap, Bacak said, “Basically, Google likes throwing their weight around just to let everyone know they’re still the gorilla on the block.” He stresses, however, that this heavyweight ape being on the loose is nothing to get worked up about.

What does Bacak recommend other Internet marketers do to stay out of the Google punishment ring? “We think the whole thing is kind of silly as we haven’t noticed any changes at all. But everyone wants to talk it up and hype it to death. Our thought is just to avoid the hype and to build your business on principles and strategies, not hype and quicksand tactics.”

Bacak’s advice is sound because he practices what he preaches. Since the whole uproar began, he has witnessed no changes in his Google marketing strategies, and he advertises several Internet marketing sites. But for those who are feeling the sting, Bacak recommends, “Anyone who is whining needs to spend less time crying about the red slap mark on their face and realize that there are more ways to skin the traffic gorilla than just Google.”

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