I’m Giving Away Over $27,000 Cash Prizes

Join us on Dec 28th for the “Mass ClickBank Massacre“, because…

We’ve lined up $27,000 of our own money for this launch, and instead of doing it as a traditional prize where all money goes to one top dog, we’ve decided to do 7 mini contests within the launch and 1really big one – so you can help us create history.

Here’s how the two contests work:

The first seven days of the launch, we’ll give out $1,000 to the daily top seller…

Day 1 – 7: Daily $1,000 contest

Then the launch officially ends on the 11th day, and on that day we will release $20,000 in prizes and and the other things announced below…

  • The 1st place prize is $10,000
  • The 2nd place prize is $5,000
  • The 3rd place prize is $2,000
  • The 4th place prize is $1,000
  • The 5th place prize is $800
  • The 6th place prize is $500
  • The 7th place prize is $300
  • The 8th place prize is $200
  • The 9th place prize is $100
  • The 10th place prize is $100

But wait, that’s not all…there’s another mini contest too.

Because, we want everyone to have a shot at winning – everyone that makes a sale also get’s a chance to get $100 a day, every day for the first 7 days.

Now you know how much money you’ll be able to pocket through the Revenue Riots we’ll create together.

To find out even more, click here.

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