How to Significantly Increase the Number of Attendees at your Next Teleseminar

Teleseminars are a great way to connect with your customers. You can provide information, answer questions, and market your products and services through teleseminars. You can also invite your joint venture partners to talk on your teleseminar. The marketing opportunities and ideas are endless. Following are situations and questions about the components of a successful teleseminar. Internet gurus will reveal the secrets to achieve this goal.

One major concern regarding teleseminars is the number of subscribers that attend the teleseminar. An example of this concern involves an Internet marketer that put on his first teleseminar. He sent an email to his subscriber list of over 2,000 email addresses. He sent an email twice a day for three days regarding the teleseminar. The copy on the emails was top notch as it was written by copy writing professionals. However, when it came time for the teleseminar he had low attendance on the call.

This left him to wonder the source of the low attendance. Was it due to the quality of the subscriber list? Was it that his subscriber list was not used a teleseminar? What could he do to significantly increase the attendance at his next teleseminar?

Internet Guru Answer: We need to examine his situation more closely. Did the Internet marketer set up a squeeze page that enables people to sign up for the teleseminar? Did the emails have a clickable link to the squeeze page? Did the Internet marketer track the number of people that clicked on the link in the email and then actually signed up for the teleseminar?

First of all, don’t worry if you have low attendance at your first teleseminar. Low attendance can be the result of many factors. For example, your subscriber list may not yet be “trained” to attend your teleseminars. Be proud that you gave a teleseminar. Keep providing more teleseminars and your subscriber list will catch on. The attendance level will increase if you are persistent.

You should also verify that you have a squeeze page for each teleseminar. The squeeze page should enable each person to sign up for the specific teleseminar. This specific list will go to an Autoresponder. This helps you keep track of who and how many sign up for the call. Plus, you can then market to this quality list before and after the call.

You can also track the link from the email to the squeeze page. Make sure to check how many people clicked on the link AND actually signed up for the teleseminar. These numbers will give you a conversion rate concerning the number of people that actually signed up for the call.

Another way to significantly increase teleseminar attendance is to bribe your subscriber list. For example, tell your subscriber list that if they attend the teleseminar then they will get a free bonus worth a good chunk of money. Also after they sign up you can send a voice broadcast to remind them to attend the teleseminar. Recommended voice broadcast systems include: Voice Shot and Market Touch Media.

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