How to reduce your keywords down to 16 to 18 cents per bid

If you’ve ever been in a niche where your Google Adwords keywords campaigns were pricey, here is a great way to reduce the amount you spend on your bids. Does 16 to 18 cents sound good to you? Well, there are multiple ways to do this. The biggest thing you need to do is testing and tweaking to get your bid down. Now, I know that’s probably not the answer you’re looking for because this can be very tedious and time consuming, but really there is no other way.

At the beginning, you’re kind of like going fishing. We’re going to throw out a big net when we go fishing. We’re going to go out and find all these different keywords. And then what we’re going to do is we’re going to break those keywords down into smaller things. For example, if you do keyword research and you discover that for the term “books”, a whole list of different keyword phrases containing the term “books” pops up. Now, some of these keywords are searched for a lot more than others, so what you want to do is group the most popular keywords all together. Once you start doing this, you use the 80/20 rule; 80% aren’t going to work, 20% are.

So, from that perspective, what I do next is I take that and then I say, “Okay, here’s the 20% that are working, now let’s go break these down.” So, I will pull out, let’s say 20 words that were in books and go create another ad group and throw those 20 words that were in books into this group. Then, I keep on breaking them down.

Basically, what I’m doing is keyword structuring or what I call “marbles”. At the beginning of our Google AdWords campaign, what I do is grab the bag of marbles and pour it all over the table. Now what we want to do is break them up into little segments, creating ad groups. So, we have this one campaign which is the marbles and now we want to break them down into different colors. The reason we do this is because we don’t want one keyword affecting our whole campaign. So we break them down from there.

Then once we get even closer, even deeper inside that, the next thing is creating the correct ads. We’re testing ads with a group of words. This will help determine which words have a good click-through rate (CTR). You want to have a good click-through rate because Google’s going to reward you for having better marketing. So if you’re a better marketer than the other guy, you’re going to be making more money for Google, so they’re going to be willing to actually lower the cost per click for you.

So, essentially, it’s really about testing and tweaking, what I said at the beginning. If you’re running an A/B split test, a lot of times you’ll have two different ads with a group of keywords. What I’d highly recommend is only changing one variable. Don’t have two separate, different-looking ads because you’ll never know what is really causing you to have better click-throughs.

The goal is to get the click-through rate up. If your click-throughs are from zero to 1.5, you’re doing okay. If it’s 1.5 to 3, then you’re doing really well. If it’s above 3, you’re doing great. If you haven’t achieved this then make some modifications that you can track and keep monitoring it. Eventually, you’re going to get really good at it and may even have fun doing it.

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