How to Hide Your Affiliate Link

If you are promoting a product there are times where you just want to hide the fact that you are an affiliate. You don’t want to seem as though you’re pushing a product because you want to make a quick buck. So, what do you do? You customize or shall I say you hide your affiliate link so those seeing your link have no idea you have any association with the product you are recommending.

So, how is this done? It’s fairly simple. Let me explain…

You get an affiliate link it’s going to be like with some weird set of numbers and letters at the end of the link. Basically, everybody’s affiliate program always shoots out a different link. Then there’s a certain identification or ID number on that link that points back to you. But these links are usually pretty ugly and long.

This can easily be changed. When I get an affiliate link, it’s easy to make sure that people don’t know it’s an affiliate link. What I’ll do is I’ll go in and I create a redirect. As soon as you log into the C-panel, there’s a thing called a redirect. I log into my control panel, and I create a redirect. You can find it on the right-hand side of C-panel.

So, let’s say I’m promoting a health ebook. What I’ll do is I’ll put in – so I place a redirect to It’s that simple. So people just see that link, which looks like it’s a page within my site. Visitors have no idea that it’s actually a link to another site through my redirect. This is a sure way to get cookied and get credit for your recommendation.

However, sometimes when I put in those long affiliate links assigned to me, those affiliate links just don’t take inside C-panel. The set of numbers just don’t get picked up. And when I try the link, it just doesn’t go anywhere. How do I get around that? Well, what I do is I just go to Then I put the link in there – the one that I just had a little bit of trouble with inside C-panel. Well, I put my link in there and then I have it generate a new link. So, it turns that link into a new link. So, now the link will look something like tinyurl12345. Now, I take that link, go add it into C-panel, and now I’ve got my redirect! It’s a pretty neat trick. My link will now appear as Basically, this allows my visitors to go to that exact location when I send them an email.

If you’re not using redirects I highly recommend it especially if you want to continue to build your online empire!

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