How to get Reciprocal links to your website?

Reciprocal Link is a reference on the internet in the way that it a text or banner linking the linking some other site to your site exchanging the same favor.
Targeting more number of visitors and increasing the number of visitors to your website requires extensive effort in Reciprocal Linking.

Getting reciprocal links is not all that difficult. All you need is a good website and then little patience to get the links. There are many benefits of having links to your site. The obvious benefit is the increased traffic. The additional links add value to the visitors’ experience. As they come and visit your site they may find useful links to other sites also making it a better experience. In case you are selling an excellent product you can start a great affiliate program also. These links are an excellent way to improve the search engine rankings also.

Some great ways to get reciprocal links are:
· Place other links on your site and then request similar favors.
· Try getting the newsletter exchanges with various good writers. They will publish your articles on their websites, a favor that will be reciprocated with links to your site. A vice versa exchange will ensure that you as well the other webmaster has maximum benefit.
· A directory of reciprocal link providers exists. Make use of this directory.
· Use Software like Automated Link Exchange Software.
· Sign guest books often. That ways you will get to leave your URL at lots of places on the net free of cost also.
· Use bookmark pages.

To exchange links with other sites, first make a thorough search of the sites you want inbound links. Now put their links on your site. After fixing the sites, search all the information about the webmaster. Next step will be to write a personalized email to the webmasters.

Start by praising the site, informing the webmaster that you have already added their site and then telling in short something about your site. Lastly make a request to add your link also to their site. The important thing to remember here is personalization of the mail as that only builds trust but also helps your mail escape the Spam tag. This will help you in getting more and more reciprocal links easily.

Newsletters are full of useful information and generally the authors are willing to exchange links thereby it is good for both the author and you.

Try browsing the list of webmasters/sites that regularly exchange links. Once you start exchanging the links with these people, you will soon be a part of their community and adding reciprocal links will be easy.

A Bookmark page is one on which you can move a URL easily around and play with. Try updating the bookmark page with the outbound links often and then rename it often. Change the content wherever the URL was located often

Directory links are also another relatively easy way to get inward links. All you have to do is search and get links. Usually they do not insist on reciprocation so it’s easier here.
Always make sure that you do not downlink that is you must not put links of the site that use lesser traffic then you do.

You can easily find the links that bring maximum traffic to your competitors’ site by searching using the string link: in AltaVista. Once you have found which sites send most traffic to your competitors, approach them to put your links also.

Use the Softwares like Link Manager to automate the link addition process. You could also join the link exchange blogs and such other communities that will assist you in getting more contact to get more relevant links also.

Banner Links are more effective so get lots of banners deigned for your site.
Banners can have images so that the user can click on an image or can reach one after clicking your URL.

Getting reciprocal links requires persistence. It is not an easy job, take time and be ready for more negative answers then positive ones.

It seems difficult exercise but with some care and perseverance you will be able to add almost 30 links a week if you are putting serious efforts into it. As the webmaster of the site, you must try and work it out yourself. Nobody else will care more then you own as far is site rankings etc is concerned.

So, start working on the Reciprocal Links right away.

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