How to Get People to Attend Your Seminar – Part Two

How to Get People to Attend Your Seminar – Part Two

How to Get People to Attend Your Seminar – Part Two
By Matt Bacak

In part 1, we spoke about how to find people to attend your event. But in today’s article I want to discuss the key thing you need, in order to have a credible event that will make people want to attend.

I do recommend you create an opt-in page for your event. You’ll be able to capture people interested in your offer so that you can email them again in the future with other offers. But more importantly, you’ll also need to create a sales page showcasing your event. Setting up a sales letter page on your website specifically designed to sell the event is extremely important. But you’ll also need to test you letter. Continuously performing split testing will help you get the highest conversion rate and the most amount of attendees to your event. If you’re not doing any split testing on the pages and seeing what you can do to get an increase in the conversion of the amount of people signing up, you’re losing not only potential attendees, but you’re also losing money and the credibility you could potentially gain by running this event.

Now, once you get people signed up, there’s even a biggest thing you’ll need to focus on. Now it’s not about just getting people signed up, but also what can you do to get them to stick? What’s your stick campaign? What are you going to do to keep them coming and actually making the decision to attend your event? Are you going to mail them a reminder? Will you mail to them after they sign up by sending them a real message via physical mail, saying something like; “Just to let you know, here’s the details of the event that you’re coming to…” How are you going to connect with them if they do decide to attend? Are you going to create an email campaign? These are the questions you need to ask and answer for yourself. Somehow you’re going to have to get them to stick in order to make things happen from there. Being pro-active is the key to creating a successful event.

There are also places out there on the internet that you can use that have a list of events. These event locations allow you to showcase your event on their website. Now you’re not going to get a lot of people from them, but you’re going to get a few. But still, the more places you can advertise your event the better.

However, the biggest thing is going to be that you’ve got to get access to people that have got lists and get them to mail out to their lists telling them about your event. And if you have a list, you’ve got to pound the crap out of your lists to get them there. Basically, it’s your job, especially being a seminar promoter, to do whatever it takes to get people to attend. If you don’t it reflects very poorly on you.

So, if you don’t know people to contact, first contact the speakers. Then the next thing you do after the speakers is to go and find people in your local area who have lists that you can leverage. If it’s a business event, the Chamber of Commerce is an excellent place to go. Find people and places that have a large down line of people locally that can put people in your seats. Whoever’s got a list, that’s who you want to go.

As long as you’re proactive and think outside the box, you should be able to find good sources of potential traffic whether locally or online that you could use to get attendees to your event. Taking action, as I always say, is the key factor in your success. Good luck!

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