How Long Should a Good Sales Letter Be?

You’ve probably purchased things that did or didn’t work off of infomercials or sales letters and now you want to create a letter of your own that grabs people’s attention and keeps it . You know as well as anyone that it’s not necessarily the product that sells, but more importantly how you go about selling the product.

So, the question is how long should a sales letter be? Well, the answer to that is not that simple to answer because it really depends on what you are selling. However, what is most important is that you add a little humor, ask questions complete with answers, make promises, list as many features and benefits as you can think of and create a need that your audience never even knew they had!

Try to be creative and engaging. This is a very important lesson you need to learn the next time you write a sales letter. The letter will never be too long if it accomplishes this. Just think of a good movie you’ve seen. The movie may have been three hours long, but because it kept taking you through a roller-coaster of emotions it kept you interested enough that you paid no attention to the time.

Some “marketers” with zero confidence in their sales ability choose to believe that people have no interest in reading a ten page sales letter and therefore keep their letters down to a page. They fear that people don’t really want to hear what they have to say and they fear rejection. Folks, this is definitely NOT the way to approach things.

What you have to realize is that readers will stick around as long as you are saying something that keeps them interested, identifies their problem(s) and demonstrates how they can overcome them.

Sometimes a single page letter is all that is needed for simple lead-generation. In that case it is fine to keep it short. However, if your product or service is more complex and you may be faced with a lot of scepticism from your reader, you have to overcome this. So, write as many pages as you have to to get your message across. This is simply what you have to do to make the sale.
Always remember to be yourself, be human, be interesting and engaging and you will never have any problems keeping your audiences attention.

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