Do you know what makes me hopeful?

I’ll tell you in a second, but first …

Ask anyone around the world and it’s quite clear:

Night before last the world, together, was given a renewed
sense of hope.

It doesn’t matter where you’re from, what you believe in,
who you voted for as an American. Some moments bring the
world together and that was one of them.

I personally don’t agree with all of Obama’s policies, but
I agree with the message he gave the world in his acceptance
speech: peace, liberty, and hope for the future …

Those are ideas we can *all* get behind.

What really makes me hopeful is that I live in a time where
great information from true visionaries can make its way
to so many people – all through the power of technology.

For example …

Tonight at 8PM Eastern Mark Joyner’s “Kaizen Club” goes live:


If you don’t know Mark, you should … He has been referred
to as “one of the most important minds of the 21st century”
by news agencies and scholars and his books are read
throughout the globe in 20 different languages.

What Mr. Joyner is offering there fits perfectly with this
wonderful moment in history.

Kaizen is, in fact, about hope. It is a system of changing
your life that is so easy and unstoppable that it’s hard not
to be filled with optimism.

If you haven’t yet read the back story (and the hundreds
upon hundreds of responses from people), check out the blog:


This is truly a great time to be alive.

Matt Bacak


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