Google Alerts Plus Blogging Equals Traffic

Now if you’ve ever wanted to see what people were saying about you online as well as see who is linking to you all you have to do is subscribe to Google Alerts. You can subscribe at . Basically, what you can do is whatever niche you are in you can type in the word that you’re monitoring online to see what is new. In my case I may use the word “internet marketing”. And if you are established in the industry of online marketing all you have to do is place your name in the box to allow Google Alerts to update you whenever your name is mentioned online. This is what I do.

In order to find out who is talking about me on their websites and blogs I have set up Google Alerts to alert me whenever my name is posted. I simply type in my name in the “search terms” box and then enter my email address. After I do this, Google Alerts will notify me through email anytime my name is mentioned online.

I mean, I could see everything that’s happening and that gets picked by the search engines when it comes in. So this alert comes in and I see it. I can see whenever somebody is blog posting about me. Actually, after we did the event in Singapore, everybody was blogging about it. It was so amazing. I saw so many mentions of my name on Singaporean blogs! But it’s not only flattery that boosts your ego when you see how many people are blogging about you, but it can also boost your traffic. How you ask? Well, what I do is I go to these blogs where someone has posted something about me and I go to comment on a post. The funny thing is is that a lot of times people are surprised because they never expected me to post to their blog.

There are two reasons I do this… Basically, one reason is to acknowledge that I noticed it and to let them know that, hey, I see everything that you’re doing. But I also do this in order to get a link on their blog to point it back to my page. This is an excellent traffic booster!

And so I was doing that, I started noticing that this really works very well in getting traffic coming from other people’s blogs to my pages, particularly my squeeze pages.

So, if you want to get more traffic but also want to be ahead of the game and know everything that’s going on in your niche, use Google Alerts to keep you up-to-date and to help you grow your business.

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Matt Bacak

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