Google Adwords – Understanding Your Bids & Keywords

When you set up a Google Adwords campaign you particularly have to place specific attention on your keyword choices as well as your bids. After all, you don’t want to be charged more for a bid that you could have avoided paying. So, who controls the bidding process? Google of course! I know, we would love to control it but the powers that be have the last say.

So, how does this bidding process really work? Well, let me explain:

If you are running a Google Adwords campaign sometimes you may find that the information on the Google ad group 1 can sometimes have no ads showing for a particular keyword. This keyword obviously has a low quality score from Google so the bid on it can exceed your current bid. What this means is each keyword is given a quality score based on its relevance of the keyword, ad text, and landing page. If your quality is low, the minimum cost per click bid required to show your ad for the keyword will be high. Conversely, high quality keywords have a lower minimum cost per click bids. If for example the minimum cost per click bid for the keyword is greater than the bid, the keyword(s) become inactive and your ad stops showing for that particular term.

It is extremely important to always monitor your ads performance while you are running your ad and after you run your ad. This will allow you to test and gain accurate results that can be tweaked and improved for the future.

Also, a very important thing to remember is to never get emotionally attached to any of your keywords! This is a big no-no. There’s tons more keywords out there that you can find that people are searching for.

One of the best tips when creating a Google Adwords campaign is this… if you are running your ads and you develop many inactive keywords, you’ve got two choices – one, take all the keywords and delete them and then just re-add them in there or secondly, raise or increase your bid. There’s really no other choice.

Having inactive keywords happens to everyone but it’s good to know what to do in this situation. There’s no other choice you pretty much have, unless you have the keywords on your webpage. Now you can’t do this with all of your keywords because it just won’t make sense – but you can take some of your keywords and add them to your page. If you have the keywords on your page, what happens is Google sometimes – not all the time – Google can sometimes give you a better quality score. If they give you a better quality score, your bid price will go down.

These are just some tips that will assist you when creating your ad campaigns and hopefully you’ll gain the upper hand using these strategies. Good luck!

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