Get Personally Coached By Shawn Casey and Tellman Knudson…

In the combine 13 years that they’ve been helping
Internet entrepreneurs succeed online, only twice have
they personally coached a group of people. Frankly,
it’s a lot of work and takes a lot of time.

But for the next 6 weeks, you can be personally
coached by two of the most brilliant marketers in
the history of the internet – That’s Tellman Knudson
and one his most influential mentors – Shawn Casey.

As you’ll hear in this new teleseminar that they
just did today, Tellman was really struggling until
Shawn shared with him the insider strategies that
allowed him to take in $800k in his full focused
year on the Internet…

…without even selling my own product!

He had tried and failed several times.
He’d even had some minor successes, but
had never been able to consistently bring
in the kind of dough you can live on, much
less enough to really enjoy life.

Now, he averages $250k a month.
(That’s $3 million each year!)

They’ve designed our new List Pros Coaching
Program so that they can do for you what Shawn
did for Tellman. Over the next 6 weeks,
we’re going to turn you into a lean,
mean cash pumping machine.

It doesn’t matter what you’ve done online
before this, even if it’s nothing. You don’t
need tech skills. You don’t need products.
You don’t need customers. You don’t need
anything except the basic stuff we’ll
share with you and the fill-in-the-blank
forms that copy exactly what we do.

Yes – it can be that easy.

All you have to do is follow their baby
step instructions that ease you through
the entire process. When you’re done,
you’ll be in the incredibly powerful
position that lets you simply push a
button and get paid whenever you want.

If you’re like me, you’ll push that
button pretty much every single day.

They’re going to hold a one-time only
teleseminar today to explain all
the details and get all your questions
answered. You MUST get on this teleseminar
if it’s humanly possible because we
start the program on Tuesday. (As you
can see, we’re not wasting any time
getting you started.)

Go here and Listen to the replay ASAP.


Go to the link above and listen replay of
this call because it’s already been listened
to by other people who are dead serious about
taking advantage of this one time opportunity
to get personally trained by me. We’ve never
done this before. We don’t plan to repeat it.

Do not miss your chance to plug directly into
the same exact systems we use to bring in over
10 million bucks a year. We’ll give you all
the detailed plans and forms. All you’ll have
to do is push the button.

Go here now before you miss out!


Yours in Success!

– Matt Bacak

P.S. Go here and Listen to the replay ASAP.


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