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I don’t usually forward things
I get in my inbox, but this is just

The part that really grabbed me
was that almost everything went wrong…

but in the end…


you’ll see…

April 16th, 2008…

I’m in the middle of the
biggest teleseminar in my

refresh the webpage…

it’s still broken- of course…

I haven’t given out the link
for anyone to buy this thing
because my tech guy is still
grinding though some last
minute fixes…

I’m not worried- he’s a smart
guy, and good at what he does…

Sure enough, five minutes later
I get an IM on my screen:

“UR good to go- give out the link”

followed by:

“BTW i’m listening in- you
guys are really rocking it!”

I write back a simple two word response:

“Thank You”

And we’re off to the Races.

At this point in the call, Shawn
and I have introduced ourselves,
we’ve followed out teleseminar script
to a “T”…

==> http://next.ListBuilding.com/previewcall

and we’ve got a whole lot more people
on the line than we expected…

The time comes, the audience is hungry-
they want to buy what we have to sell, and
they want it right NOW…

So we give out the link…


The site freezes up –


With hundreds of people all hitting
the site at the same time, our TWO
SERVERS couldn’t take the strain…

==> http://next.ListBuilding.com/previewcall

I get on IM with the guy
who runs the servers:


He writes back quickly:


An eternity later, the site is
running smoothly again, and the
orders are coming in…

By this time, the teleseminar is
over- and Shawn and I are assuming
the worst…

We must have lost hundreds of sales
from people who got frustrated when
they couldn’t place their orders…


As soon as the site’s back up we
check our accounts…

and the money is POURING in…

==> http://next.ListBuilding.com/previewcall

I get on the phone with Shawn:

“We’re up over $100,000 man!”

Shawn says:

“Refresh your screen T- it’s
more like $250,000

I refresh my screen to see
just over $500,000 in there…

“whoa dude, we’re up to half a mil-
I think this is my best teleseminar EVER…”

==> http://next.ListBuilding.com/previewcall

Shawn says:

“I think you’re right… refresh
your screen again Tellman…”

I hit refresh one more time…


“we’re up to almost $800,000!”

My jaw didn’t hit the floor,
but I was worried it would…

In the next few minutes, we saw our
sales climb all the way up to one
Million Dollars, and then climb just
a little higher before slowing down…

It was a record smashing night in
the breif history of teleseminars…

==> http://next.ListBuilding.com/previewcall

And it was all possible because of
the system we’ve developed for making
these awesome teleseminars happen…

Pay Attention Here:

Shawn and I are going to let you in
on how we pulled off the world’s first
Million Dollar Teleseminar, and how
you can copy our success to hold your
own profit pulling teleseminars.

You’ll get a chance to learn how we made
One Million Dollars in 63 minutes, all
from the comfort of our own homes…

Sign up now so you don’t miss out on this:

==> http://next.ListBuilding.com/previewcall

I’ll see you on the other side :-)

Overcome Everything!
–Tellman and Shawn

==> http://next.ListBuilding.com/previewcall

see what I mean?

Their site was down-

as in… NOT taking orders… Crashed-

by all “web logic” they should have
lost practically all their sales…

but somehow, they were able to
keep hundreds of people staring
at the broken page…

trying and trying to place their orders
until it was working again…

you may not realize what a big deal that is,
but trust me…

they worked some kind of magic…

That’s why I’m so excited for
their call coming up-

head on over and sign up now
so you don’t miss out…

I’ll see you there…

Best Regards,

Matt Bacak

Frontier Marketing Intl, LLC
1140 Old Peachtree Road, Suite D
Duluth, GA 30097-5121
Phone: 770-271-1536

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