From the Desk of Matt Bacak…Major Announcement

It’s time for decisions to be made.

But first, let me tell you about
the announcement that I’m referring
to in the subject line.

After training thousands of people behind
closed doors in a small intimate group, where
everyone brings a laptop in and we build an
online business together. I have decided that
the next workshop is the last one that I will
personally be teaching myself.

Yes, April 18th and 19th is the last
one that I’ll be personally doing myself.

I have chosen 2 candidates to take
them over and train them for me.

I won’t announce exactly who
my predecessor will be until a
later date but I have made the
decision this weekend.

When I said it’s time for decisions that
included you and I. You just read about
my decision, now it’s time for yours…

…If you have ever thought about,
dreamed about, having an Internet
millionaire look over your shoulders
while you are on the Internet with
your computer, then you will have
a chance to do that right now.

Better Hurry, because since the word
got out that the event in April is the
last one that I’m personally doing, we
have been getting people registering
out of the blue.

So, if you want to be one of the lucky
ones that gets to attend this historical
event then go below Right now and apply
to attend this life changing event.

To be quite frank with you. This event is
not FREE whatsoever. It is going to be an
investment. An investment in your future.

I will not take any trades.

I will not take any IOUs

I will not take any future sales.

I will only accept Check, Paypal,
Visa, MasterCard and AMEX.

I charge 20k a day and 2k a hour so spending

a few days with me is worth a lot more than your
investment will be..(And the cheapest way you
can buy my time – that’s for sure)

Listen to what recent attendees have said:

“Thank you so much. What impressed me most is your
integrity and focus especially when I came in so skeptical.
Besides walking away with a website, an autoresponder, and
almost more information that I could imbibe, the excitement
of what’s possible keeps me on target. As a result of
implementing only a few of your suggestions, I have already
reaped benefits–financially, measurable results. Within
45 days as a result of using just one strategy, I made
my money back. My new site has over 2000 subscribers.

I’m on my way. Rosanne D’Ausilio, Ph.D.
Consultant, Master Trainer, Best Selling Author”


“Matt, Thank you so much for sharing your millionaire Internet
strategies with me. Because of your system I have put an extra
$142,699.48 in my pocket over the last 12 months – PART TIME!
I’m officially on my way and I owe it all to you.

Thank you so much! Marie Brown, Buford GA”


“I can’t even tell you what your course has done for me.
On Thursday, I was an artist, trying to figure out how to
make some money on the Internet. Last night (three days
later, after attending your course, while waiting for a
return flight to California), I watched on my notebook computer
while over fifty people signed up for my newsletter, which
reveals a proven method to draw killer portraits! It would
have taken years to personally talk to, and convince that many
people to take action. That would be incredible enough, but
when I got home, I was too excited to sleep, and I watched
while dozens more did the same, and it’s still going!

You guys have given me a new life! Rick Rucker”

The List goes on and on…

I’m looking for a handful of people that
want to be Internet millionaires, do you want
to be next? Go Below apply for this event.

Best Regards,

Matt Bacak

P.S. I will not change these dates for anyone.
These dates are in stone in my calender. So make
sure you apply and if my team finds you a good
fit then start making arrangements to be there.

Go here ->

P.P.S. Read what this recent attendee said…

“I’m a “seminar junkie” and the MIT is definitely one of
the best I’ve attended. The best part is that it is totally
hand on. You don’t just go away with a lot of strategies and
ideas. You go away with a website that are already generating
highly targeted leads and a system that will enable you to
repeat it again and again.” – Patrick M. Powers

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