Free Report: Self Liquidating Offers

A buddy of mine (let’s call him Mr. X) wrote a report called “Self Liquidating Offers” and he’s allowing me to share it with my subscribers.

Check it out:

This “SLO” strategy is the exact same method he employed to build a list of 40,583 BUYERS in only 9 months. (And did I mention he got paid $1.2 MM to build this list?)

This is an incredible example of a non-guru making big bucks selling niche stuff to niche markets. And the numbers this guy was pullingin will blow your mind:

Best regards,

Matt Bacak

P.S. There’s also a free video on the site that provides a lot of insight regarding the “Google Slap” of 2006. It’s a must-watch foranyone who does anything with PPC. Enjoy:

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