Four Things Your Sales Letter Needs to Make the Sale

If you have a strong sales letter there are many other things to can do in order to ensure that you make the sale.

Here they are:

Pop-ups – You can utilize pop-ups to make some more money. When your visitor is leaving your site you can have a pop-up window that comes up upon exiting the site that says something like, “Hey wait! Here’s more…” or “But wait, I noticed you didn’t buy… You can grab it for this much money.” That also works. You can offer your product at a discount just to sweeten the deal. After all, it’s better to get some money from your prospect rather than none at all.

Offer Financing – By offering a financing option, you give your prospect the ability to purchase your product in instalments to make it financially more viable for them. You could say something like, “I know this might’ve been a little bit too costly for you but what I’ll do is this…” Make them feel special and give them that sense of urgency like they better buy today since you’re offering this special discount just for them. They’ll feel as if you are going out of your way just for them. This is a sure way to gain the trust of your prospect.

Sell on all of your pages – Sell on all your confirmation pages as well as on all of your thank-you pages that way you’re always placing your offer in front of your prospect thereby increasing the possibility that they will buy from you.

Phone Your Prospect! – If we’re getting somebody on the phone and we talk to them offline, well, guess what? What we’ll do is we will sell them something. We’ll focus on the high-ticket product first and then from there we’ll move our way down to the lower ticket items. You want to start with your back-end first. Think about what your back-end is and then work your way backwards. Start with selling them the $1000 item, then the $500 item, then the $100, then the $37 item. We want to get the most first before we move down our list of cheaper offers. You want to make sure at least to get something out of them when you’re on the phone.

Remember, every single sales letter has its own squeeze page and every single product has its own sales letter. You must capture as many names as possible and this allows you to market to your visitors even if they don’t buy initially. The follow-up emails will eventually and hopefully produce a sale.

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