Ebay: What can you sell?

If you are new to Ebay then you are probably wondering what you should sell. Should you sell used clothes sitting in your closet or your car? You could sell everything you want. You would be surprised as to what people buy on Ebay. They will buy things that are broken, odd, and even disgusting.

Following are ideas for items that you can sell on Ebay:
1. Sell all your own things. Start off with selling your own items because it is a training ground in the beginning. You are building feedback, testing the system, and learning how to use Ebay correctly.

2. Sell other people’s stuff. Act as an affiliate so you can earn a commission on the sale.

3. Sell big ticket items. Big ticket items are things like Real Estate, jewelry, cars, and information products.

Ebay Quick Tip: Take a great picture.
1. Never use flash.
2. Use small file sizes. Big file sizes take too long to load.

Many Ebay users want to know what the top selling categories are on Ebay. Currently, the 6 largest categories on Ebay include:
1. Cars
2. Electronics
3. Clothing
4. Jewelry
5. Sporting goods
6. House wares

Ebay Quick Tip: The fastest growing category is Real Estate. The second fastest growing category is Information products

Ebay Quick Tip: People will buy the strangest things on Ebay. They will even buy broken items when you’ve disclosed that they are broken. It’s crazy! Reframe how you think about your old “junk”. Consider them “treasures” that you can sell to anyone.

Ebay Quick Tip: Great copy writing can sell anything. For example, a heart shaped potato sold on Ebay for $17.00.

Before you get started on Ebay you should know the basics. For example, you are allowed only 55 characters to write title, brand name, style, color, etc. Grammar and spelling are not important. Sometimes you will want to use common misspellings because people type misspelled words into the Ebay search feature. They might not find your product if it is spelled correctly.

Ebay Quick Tip: You can sell services on Ebay. For example, if you are singer you can sell your services for parties.

Use Ebay to build your database on any topic on any subject at any time. Sell big ticket items and build your database. If you place an ad on Ebay then you will have thousands of visitor flock to it in as little as 3 days.

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