Do you take this simple step to insure your own success?

I set goals for myself. I remember my first goal on the internet was to make $100. It wasn’t to make a million. My next goal was to make $1,000. Then after that was to make $10,000. When I made my $10,000, I decided my next goal would be to make $ 100,000.

When I made my first $100,000, I didn’t do it in a year. No. I didn’t do it in a month. I did it in one hour. After that happened so suddenly, I just said to myself; “I figured it out, all I have to do is do this 10 times and bam! I make my goal.” And you know what? I made my first million in less than three months after I made my first $100,000 in that hour.

Now the cool thing is that I set new goals. The reason I’m sharing this with you has nothing to do with me. It’s about you, because I want you to get your goals straight. So that you know that your first goal is not; “oh, I wanna make $1 million.” Because if you haven’t made a $1,000 on the internet, how the heck are you going to make your first $100,000 or first million? You have to make $1,000 before you can make your $100,000 dollars. You have to make $100,000 before you can make a million dollars. However, you have to set your goals.

My first new goal is to do $1 million in one day. I already have that day planned; I know when I’m going to do it. After that, my goal is to make $1 million in an hour, then to make $1 million in a minute. Can it happen? Absolutely, I know it can!
By setting goals for yourself you can begin on your way to making your own millions in minutes. Can it happen for you? Absolutely, I know it can!

Set some goals for yourself today and start achieving them!

Warmest regards,

Matt Bacak

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