Divide Your Teleseminar into 3 Parts for Ultimate Success!

As any web site owner knows, and if you’ve read any of my articles you know that I am a big fan of teleseminars. But what many web site owners fail to realise is that there is a science to holding your teleseminars – a 3 step process. Let me explain…

What I usually do is divide the teleseminar up into three major parts. Now, the first part we have is before the call, the second major part we have is during the call, and the third major part we have is after the call. These are three key important parts.

Now, the first part is really focused on getting ears to phones. Your personal job is to get as many ears to phones as you can possibly get.

For the second part you’re going to want somebody to get on the call, such as a JV partner or someone like that to do some or all of the talking for you. You want to make sure that they have the ability to sell and to make you a lot of money, or you have the ability to sell. It’s really important to make that happen.

The next thing you want to do is make sure your merchant account is set up. I use PowerPay. I run everything through PowerPay. And so what I will do is – if there’s something happening in the background, let’s say I’ve got somebody else that’s speaking on my call. I’ll say, “Hey, let me know what your offer is? Do you have your offer online?” They will say yes or no. If they say, “Well, I’ve only done this offline at seminars,” then I’ll say to them, “Okay, well, tell you what, are you going to offer the same package that you offered at those events?” They’ll say, “Yeah.” I’ll say, “Can you email me over your order form, the exact order form that you would give people when you’re selling it from stage?” And they’ll say, “Okay,” and they’ll send it over. Basically, the reason I ask for that is because that order form is what I create and I set up inside my shopping cart. I want to make sure my merchant account is set up with my shopping cart.
But inside my shopping cart, I want to create an order form.

With the order form you can use what’s called a top html. And that top html is going to be saying the same exact thing as that file would that you would be handing out – the order form. So it’ll have, like – a lot of times people will say, “Yes, I’m ready to discover XYZ and save this much money with the following bonuses.” And then it’ll say Bonus #1, Bonus #2, Bonus #3, Bonus #4 or 5, whatever it is, and then a guarantee a lot of times. So you can have a special link, and this will be a link that the shopping cart will create for you, which when people go to it, will actually go to an order form where they can fill in their personal information like their first name, their last name, their email address, their phone number, and their credit cards information.

These are the first three things you must do when setting up your teleseminar. It’s a great process that has worked very well for me and returned huge results. I’m sure if you follow this three step process you too will see great results!

Warmest regards,

Matt Bacak

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