Building Your List and Meeting the Needs of Your Visitors

One of the only ways to build an online business is to build a list. After all, if you spend all of your money advertising to get customers or potential customers, why not try to capture those names so that you can make them offers on a continual basis. This saves you a ton of money in advertising but it also saves you a ton of time re-doing what you’ve already done. Why market to random individuals who will buy and never come back to your website when you can have your own list that you can market to again and again. As they say, it’s all in the list!

Well, if you have a list that you have grown for some time it is important to maintain your list and continue giving those visitors what they want.

If you have a decent list that you are selling to and offering information to it is important to offer those people exactly what it is they are looking for. You are the expert and need to address their concerns so that they continue to refer to you when they need expert advice in your particular niche. A great strategy to ensure you are offering your list the exact information or products they are looking for is simply by asking them. Send out a message to your list and ask them what their biggest problem is or what it is they are seeking. Combine all of your responses and review them. This ensures that you are giving your list exactly what it is they are seeking.

You may get some of the same responses and if so you know that a lot of your list seeks the same things. This is a huge opportunity to see what you need to offer them.

What do you do if some of your list wants one thing and the other half of your list wants another? Well, what you do is segment your list.

Never ignore your list. If half of your list is looking for one thing and the other half looking for another, continue to offer them the same tips and offers but you’ll need to segment your list. However, in order to segment your lists you simply make the offer to your main list and then have your readers choose if they want to act upon that particular offer. You’re basically creating sub-lists. These sub-lists are separate name-squeeze pages that will capture the names of those people from your main list that want to take you up on your particular offer – the offer you sent to your main list.

Don’t ever try to create several lists, autoresponders and businesses in the beginning, as you are re-inventing the wheel. Simply continue offering your main list the same thing and break up your list that way for easy manageability and to maintain your organization and peace of mind.

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