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When you create a blog it’s a great way to express yourself and at the same time inform your audience what’s going on. But it’s also a great way to improve your rankings in the search engines. Let me explain.

If you want to get to the top because you’re seeing your competition dominate you in your niche, it’s time to take action!

So, let’s just say you’ve submitted an article to an article directory site like but you were seeing someone else in your niche dominate you in the search engines. Well, it’s time for you to knock them out of that top position and take over. How do you do this? It’s simple!

If you want your article to appear at the top of the search engines all you have to do is blog that link! Basically, every article that you post to an article directory site like (which gets huge traffic I might add), you simply place a link to that article on your blog. For example, if it was, because that’s your niche, if that was your actual article, then you should go and blog that link. Whatever that link is where your article is located you blog the link. But just make sure when you do that you sound very natural in your recommendation for your visitors to visit that link. Whatever you do don’t sound salesy or desperate to get the traffic.

Say something like: “Hey, check out these pages. I was doing a search on Google and I found these sites where people had posted information about me. I’m so flattered. You should go check them out.” Basically what I did that for is not for people to go check them out – I really didn’t care about that. What I did that for is so my sites would be pulled up higher in the search engines. So, when I did a search, I would be at the top of the search engines in my niche and my competition would fall in their rankings. This is an excellent strategy that has always worked for me. If you check out my blog at you’ll see several places where I’ve used this strategy… and it works like a charm!

So, go and find all the links out there that are indexed with Google. For any of your competition that has started to creep in on your space use this strategy to pull you up higher in the search engines. Your competition will have no idea what hit them ;)

Warmest regards,

Matt Bacak

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