“Avoid these 3 Internet Business Blunders!”

Blunders abound in Internet businesses. Read on to find out three common blunders that Internet businesses face every day. Learn about and understand these blunders so you can avoid them.

Blunder #1: People create products based on fads. If you create a product based on a fad then your product will have an extremely short shelf life. If you want to keep your business afloat far into the future then you can’t rely on a product based on a fad. The key is to create products based on what your niche wants. You can always update your products, but don’t fall prey to fads because they go in and out of style quickly.

Blunder #2: People build just a website and not a business. A website alone is not enough. If you want to make millions and have longevity in the Internet business world then you need a business plan. Think of all the dot com website businesses that plummeted in 2001. These dot com website businesses didn’t have solid, realistic business plans behind them. Don’t let the dot com grim reaper come your way.

You have to engage in tax planning, growth considerations, and everyday tasks. The reality of a business plan must be in your Internet business. A triumphant Internet business must have a business plan. This is so critical that it bears repeating.

Blunder #3: People think that the only way to reach people is through the Internet. This is not the case. You can earn more money and obtain more customers by contacting people through direct snail mail and calling them on the phone. You can reach people through teleseminars. You can have coaching sessions via telephone. You can up sell and make massive amounts of extra cash by talking to customers on the phone.

You can also set up a Blog. You can podcast. You can sell your teleseminar and podcast recordings. The lesson is that you can reach customers in both offline and online manners. The more venues you use to connect with customers, the more profit you will earn.

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