“Ask and you shall receive!”

If you want to run a thriving, lucrative Internet business then you need to take ideas and monetize them. You can grow a business by saving money or making money. Either manner will give you a fatter bottom line. Let’s explore possible ideas you can monetize. These little ideas consist of low cost tips which create million dollar partnerships.

You can take these ideas and concepts and apply them to any business. These little ideas can geometrically and exponentially build value in your business. You can use one or a combination of all of these ideas in your Internet business. The leaders in the Internet business world rely on these ideas and so should you.

Million Dollar Idea 1: Buy and utilize Ask domains for profitable partnerships.
An Ask domain is a website that revolves around an Ask campaign. For example, you can partner with a popular business author. You can create an Ask website with this person. It will be an Ask (Name of Author).com website.

Wait, what is an Ask campaign? An Ask campaign utilizes the Socratic Method by asking people what they want. For example, you can ask people about their problems and then create products that solve these problems.

How does an Ask campaign turn into an Ask domain? You set up a domain address such as “Ask(your name).com”. On the website have text that says “What is your biggest problem regarding “X”? Have a text box where they can type in their problem. You would be surprised at what people have problems with. This is a much more effective research method then relying on your own opinions and experiences.

You can apply the Ask campaign to many different venues. For example, you can set up an Ask website about your teleseminar. You can also set up an Ask website about your product. For example, let’s say your product is a book. You could have a virtual book signing and teleseminar about your book. You can ask people what they want to know about your book and the topic discussed in your book. In the future you can utilize this information to create new products.

This is the first million dollar idea that can get you started. Ask campaigns should be used on a consistent basis if you want to expand your Internet business. Get started on your Ask campaign today.

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