5 Million People Buy Books To Build Homes

5 Million People Buy Books To Build Homes

“The Ultimate Lead Generation Plan”, a new book from Matt Bacak will be a best seller by giving proceed to Habitat for Humanity in a promotion reaching over 5 million readers.

(PRWEB) December 23, 2005 — Hundreds of Internet marketers are working together this holiday season to raise money for Habitat for Humanity, using book marketing expert Warren Whitlock’s proven online book promotion plan and promoting Matt Bacak’s new book “The Ultimate Lead Generation Plan”

“We know Matt’s book will be a best seller” said Warren Whitlock. “We’ve used these promotions to introduce dozens of books, allowing readers to learn about new titles with a special limited offer of free gifts and bonuses. What’s different this time is Habitat For Humanity”

Whitlock is working with Matt Bacak (aka “The Powerful Promoter”) to assemble a team of authors, marketers and publishers with email address lists with a combined reach of over 5 millions names. Most book promotions go to under 1 million.

Whitlock explained “This promotion is much larger than most because we’ve added Habitat For Humanity. Our partners are familiar with the work done by Habitat, and responded when we asked for help. Matt is giving all proceeds to the charity, setting an example for the rest of us.”

Matt Bacak teaches authors, speakers and entrepreneurs about online mailing list building. His new book “The Ultimate Lead Generation Plan” will be available in bookstores in January, and online at http://theultimateleadgenerationplan.com/ Readers are invited to sign up for 101 free gifts during the promotion, with all proceeds going to Habitat for Humanity.

Warren Whitlock is a book marketing expert from Las Vegas. He has helped hundreds of authors with book marketing and promotion. A best selling author himself, Whitlock helps authors build online business with free book promotion through http://ZeroCostPromotions.com

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