Back from Australia – The “GAP”

As I was flying back from Australia I watched
a show that was talking about innovation.

One of the guys talking shared something I liked
so much I had to write down and I wanted to share it
with you. It’s called the “GAP” but not the store.

This is verbatim of what he said:

“The gap – your taste is killer initially but your skills
are not. So you have this recognition that’s you are just not
very good right now and most people fall into that gap and
never make it out. You have to fight through that gap like
a solder. Get through that gap. And maybe you suck. Sucking
is ok because sucking is the path that you have to take to
be great”

Anyway, I never heard it called the “gap”
and thought it was a neat way to say it.

Hence, why I rewound it to make sure I wrote
it down word-for-word because it spoke to me in
a way and I thought maybe you’d like it too.

I hope you did.

Warmest Regards,

Matt Bacak

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