A Prayer Request From Me (as a Father and Parent)

Matt Bacak's Son

I have not made the public aware of our 3 year old son but things been scary over here for the last few months… The doctors have been saying he’s ok but we knew they we wrong. Because of that my wife and I are mentally and physically exhausted from staying up every night and worrying for so long. (…and researching too)

We finally are getting some understanding of what’s going on – after fighting with insurance companies and going to many different neurologists and pediatricians.

He’s a tough kid and has been through a lot lately. I really think he’s seen more doctors in the last few months then I’ve seen all my life.

He’s had MRI’s, EEG, Physical Therapy.

We finally got answer this week and it came as shock to us. There are still some unanswered questions, but at least we are getting somewhere.

I really don’t want to go into much detail just yet. But, I would like to ask those of you that pray to please pray for my family especially my son and my wife. If you can add us to your thought’s and prayers tomorrow that would be very nice.

Brain my son, will be getting another MRI and has a surgery scheduled tomorrow.

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