Why Matt Bacak Believes List Building is The Most Crucial Aspect of Starting a Business

By far, list building is THE number one thing you should absolutely make sure you do when you start an online business.  Why?  These people are interested in the value that you offer them, so they are much more likely to buy.  Studies have proven that the majority of people will not purchase the first time they see an offer; repetition is the key, and by emailing your list of subscribers valuable and useful information, they are much more likely to purchase what you offer – especially if you have built their trust in you, and proven that you are honest and reliable.

Not Just Any List
Building a list means that the people on your list are targeted, they are interested in your offer. How do I know this?  They get to your opt-in list by reading the articles you write, from your blog – through content.  They are attracted by what you present to them, or they wouldn’t give you their information!  Even if list building sounds intimidating, you need to do it.  Over time, you will become more confident in your efforts.  If your emails don’t produce the results you are looking for, then it’s time to do some testing and tweaking.

People will visit your website or blog, but chances are if you don’t collect their information you will never have another chance to put your offer in front of them.  List building is the foundation of a successful online marketing career!  Without a list, don’t expect amazing results.  If you are serious about creating a business of your own that thrives, build a list of targeted subscribers.  It is a process that takes time, but once you have a list of hundreds or thousands you will absolutely reap the benefits of your efforts!  Ready for the REAL dirt on internet marketing?  Contact Matt Bacak!

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