Why Build an Opt In Email List?

An opt in email list simply means that people give you permission to send information to them through email.  Why is this important?  Several reasons.  First of all, you don’t want to become known as a spammer, or possibly get your email account suspended for sending people information they did not ask for.  Secondly, when people choose to be placed on your list, this means they are interested in the information you provide and want to know about any new information or developments you may have.

You can make money without a list, but you can increase your profits by a huge margin when you have an opt in email list.  When people visit your website or blog, if you do not capture their name and email address, you may have lost a potential customer for life.  They may never return!

By collecting this information, they are giving you permission to contact them again and again, which means that you have endless opportunities to not only provide them with useful information and become seen as an expert, but to subtly market your products in your messages as well.

When you build a list of thousands of people, you have the potential to make money for the rest of your life.  Every time you update a product they may have purchased previously, or have a related product or service to sell, you can let them know about it, and the benefits or solution it provides for them.

A truly successful online marketer makes building an opt in email list one of their top priorities, and you should as well.  It is the easiest way to insure that you have the opportunity to create a very lucrative income for years to come.  Questions or comments?  Contact Matt Bacak, and learn everything you need to know about marketing online!

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