Think Email Marketing is Tough? Matt Bacak Offers 3 Easy Tips

You’ve collected names and email addresses; now you’re worried about the email marketing portion of things.  What do you send?  How can you make your list believe you are an expert or professional when you are afraid your emails will sound unprofessional or stupid?  Here are a few tips to insure that your email marketing efforts get results.

Target Your Audience
First of all, take a look at your sales page or letter.  Notice how specific benefits and features are pointed out, how the page draws your attention and compels you to buy.  Maybe there are even customer testimonials.  Your sales page can be used in a multitude of ways, including your email marketing efforts!  Here are a few ways you can use it:

1.    Read your sales page, and determine what ‘chunks’ or sections you can take from it that would be effective in your email.  Rewrite the content a little, place it into your message and then send your recipient to your link at the closing of your message.  This will once again send them to your sales letter!
2.    Identify with your target audience by acknowledging their pain or problem, follow by listing the benefits from your sales letter directly into your email.  Benefits help explain what your service or product will do for your reader, and will make them feel that they must have it.
3.    Include testimonials from your sales letter!  When members of your list realize that your product or service has indeed been of great benefit to others, it helps convince them further that they need what YOU have.

Sure, a sales letter is useful in selling your product or service but use it to its full advantage!  Email marketing may be intimidating, but it’s not rocket science.  Practice makes perfect, so give it your best effort.  Find this information useful?  Matt Bacak can help you succeed, where others have failed!

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