Matt Bacak’s 5 Tips for an Effective Affiliate Marketing Website

A well built affiliate marketing website can help you increase your affiliate sales dramatically.  While you don’t really have to have a website to sell affiliate products, it’s a good idea if you are really serious about earning a full time income online.  It gives your visitors the impression that you are an expert at your niche, and adds to a professional image.  Here are a few tips for building a profit-pulling website:

1.    Fill your website full of valuable content.  You want to provide your visitors with enough information about the topic to peak their interest, but don’t give away the farm!  Too much information and they don’t need your product or service anymore.

2.    Never LOOK like you are trying to sell to your visitors.  While you do want them to buy your product, it’s essential that you present your information in a way that makes you look sincere; that you truly want to help them solve their problem or dilemma.

3.    Offer free stuff!  A free report or product, especially one that is useful and well written, helps create trustworthiness and lets your visitors know that you provide good information or services.

4.    Collect their information.  You absolutely MUST build a list if you plan on making money for years to come.  Place a form on your affiliate marketing website and ask for your visitors name and email address in exchange for something they will perceive as valuable.

5.    Lead your visitor to the “Buy Now” button!  Visitors often need to be told what to do. Play to your customer’s pain or problem; let them know that you know how they feel. Then, list the benefits of your product, and tell them how it will solve their problem! Instruct them to buy now, and imply an urgency in this – limited time only, special price for a few more hours, etc.

Offer real value, be honest with your potential customers, and HELP them in some way.  You will have loyal customers for life! Want to learn even more about internet marketing?  Contact Matt Bacak for REAL solutions for success and make sure to attend his Survival Tactics Seminar coming up in December.

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