Matt Bacak 3 Reasons Why Article Marketing is a Great Niche Marketing Strategy

Article marketing is a great multi-purpose niche marketing strategy for several reasons.  Subscribers to Matt Bacak’s Internet Marketing Dirt learn about this niche marketing strategy every month.  Why is article marketing such a great way to go?

Article marketing will provide rank-building backlinks to your affiliate marketing website.

The links you get from this niche marketing strategy aren’t just any old links, either.  Links from sites like and tend to count more than links from most your average websites.

Even if you only write a couple of articles a day, you’ll still build up backlinks to your site pretty quickly.  This will go a long way towards raising your sites rank in Google.  You’ll also get “browsing traffic” from the article directory.

Article marketing brands you as an authority.

Being published brands you as an authority–it’s one reason why people who are successful in non-writing fields publish books (which are usually written by ghost writers). increases this effect by listing authors published on their site as an “Ezine Articles Expert Author”.

You only have to publish one article to become one of their expert authors.  But it does mean that you passed their editorial screening.  And it looks very impressive when you can put “ Expert Author” on  your resume, blog, or “about me” page!

Article marketing is great for beginners because it costs nothing but your time.

But the reason this niche marketing strategy is most popular for beginners is because it is absolutely free!  Many people may chose to eventually outsource their writing–but anybody can start out for the cost of just an hour a day.

You can learn the secrets of a good niche marketing strategy, as well as many other ways to make money online, at Matt Bacak’s seminar “Survival Tactics for Tough Times” in Atlanta in December.

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