Finding Local Traffic

So, how do you find local traffic?

I am in the financial services and have to be certified in any state that I offer the service. That is why I need such targeted traffic. How do I find it?” Very good question. Actually, I talked about this a little bit at a seminar. The first thing I would suggest you do when trying to find any traffic, including local traffic, is to optimize your site with the keywords most searched for in your area. By doing this it’s going to be very easy for you to take over the search engine rankings for particular terms in your area. What you want to do is, for example, is type in “financial services”. You might want to say “financial services Atlanta”, “financial services Georgia”, “financial services Duluth” and other keywords similar to those.

I would start optimizing my website specifically for, the towns or the cities or the major cities where people would probably be looking and also the state and counties. One of the great things is that most people in your niche are not doing this, so therefore you can take over the first page very easily in your state. So, doing SEO is going to be very good for you.

Craig’s List is also a great place to get started because you can advertise your services for free in the location of your choosing. Lots of people view Craigslist everyday, so this should help bring in some traffic.

Another thing you can do is search online to look for sites like county sites and stuff like that where you could list your company. For example, we have something called Gwinnett Network where I live in Gwinnett County where local businesses can advertise and network.

You can also look into joining the local Chamber of Commerce where you live to try to generate more business. If you join what’s going to happen a lot of times is they’ll put you on their webpage so you can get some local traffic from that.

However, if you really want to generate more traffic you’ve got to use Google AdWords because you can target specific zip codes. So instead of targeting specific countries, you can target specific cities and specific zip codes. You can focus on the whole state and that’s fine if that’s what you’re looking for. You can say, I want my ads to only appear to people searching in this specific state and then your ad will appear. So with pay per click, it’s easy.

Now you’re probably wondering, how in the world does it appear? Well, for the most part every computer has its own IP address. So, when you search for something through the internet the search engine will show you ads based on the area of your IP. If I took my computer and went downtown and logged in, it’s going to show up as a different IP address because of the internet location that I’m using.

Basically that’ll let the search engines know I’m in a different location. If you’ve ever gone to Canada, for example, or let’s say you live in Canada and you come to the United States, or you’re in the United States and you go to Canada or you go to any other part of the country, as soon as you log in to the internet, you’re like, “How in the heck did it know I’m here in Canada?” It just knows because it is based upon your IP address. Actually, I think it’s the second or third one that specifically states exactly where you’re at.  So you can focus on pay per click and can run ads specifically in your geographical area. This is an excellent way to gain local traffic and potentially dominate your market!

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