Dynamic Keyword Insertion

So there’s this thing called Dynamic Keyword Insertion….ever hear about it? No, I thought not. The truth is most people have not heard of it and have no idea what it is. However, this is something that is actually really good and will save you a lot of time with your ad campaigns.

Basically, it is an advanced strategy of pay per click where you use this special code to sub in and out different keywords, depending on the term being searched. This is why it is called “dynamic” because the keyword in your ad constantly changes to match the related search term.

I’m sure you are somewhat confused at this point, so let me try to shed more light. Say, for instance you were creating a campaign to advertise clothing and you had a whole bunch of keywords that you wanted in your ads, such as: jeans, pants, t-shirts, sweaters, swimsuits, jackets, etc. Rather than creating individual ads to encompass all your keywords, which would take forever, you simply ad the following code.

{Keyword: Clothing Warehouse}

Discount {Keyword: Clothing}

Free Shipping

Clothingwarehouse.com/{Keyword: Clothing}

As soon as you activate your campaign, the keyword in your ad will change to reflect what was searched for. So, if we took the words listed above and pretended these were the search terms, our ads would look something like this:

Jeans T-Shirts

Discount T-shirts Discount Jeans

Free Shipping Free Shipping

Clothingwarehouse.com/t-shirts Clothingwarehouse.com/jeans

If the search term included more than one keyword, your ad would automatically revert to the default:

Clothing Warehouse

Discount Clothing

Free Shipping


A few things you have to be careful about is that your ads stay relevant, they make sense and your keyword headlines are no more than 25 characters in length. Don’t add a lot of keywords that have no relation to what you are selling. If you do, your ads may be incoherent and your click-throughs will go down causing your ads to no longer be targeted.

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