Matt Bacak’s Redneck Internet Marketing Adventure.

Matt Bacak’s Redneck Internet Marketing Adventure. Last weekend I invited a bunch of my online buddies and affiliates to come play out at my land. We drove my 4-wheelers, shot my guns, and ate some killer food. Then on Sunday, we all went to Talledgea and drove NASCARS. Here’s a pick of all of us: […]

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day! I’m out at my land in “God’s Country” enjoying it with my family, here’s a 10 cent tour: If you are celebrating today, I hope you and your family are having loads of safe fun. (ya -‘safe’ fun) I say that purposely because a few years ago I had to take […]

Trick or Treat :-)

How about a little fun, Halloween style? I’ve got a KILLER costume this year, and no I’m not dressing up as Tellman. Leave your guess in the comments, and the first person to guess correctly will win $100, my treat! (I’ll FedEx it to ya!) I’ll even match the $100 and give it to the charity […]