Webfire Review

Product: WebFire by Shawn Casey & Brian Koz
Cost: As low as $29.08
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

What is Webfire?

A set of 25 tools and software, available online, that promises to automate the entire traffic-generation process by taking weeks of time-intensive tasks, that you would otherwise do by hand, and condense those tasks into push-button simple tasks. These tasks are designed to help you dominate the search engines while helping you get better rankings and generating extremely targeted leads, FREE traffic, and exposure to your websites from natural search rankings.

Here are some of the tasks WebFire will do for you (per the WebFire site):

1. Instantly analyzes your website or market to get the best SEO suggestions.

2. Fixes and improves upon it’s suggestions with powerful SEO tools

3. Submits press releases to top Google press release sites

4. Submits news stories about you to thousands of media outlets, magazines, publications, etc (online and offline).

5. Turns articles into videos with optional human-like voice-overs and submits them online.

6. Turns 1 article into dozens, hundreds or even thousands of unique version that read perfectly… and submits those unique articles to top article directories exploding your “exposure” and “reach” in the search engines.

7. Uncovers hidden keywords for getting top rankings with top secret keyword tools.

8. Instantly alerts the search engines and top sites about your new content.

9. Gets fresh leads from people who are asking specific questions related to your niche.

10. Finds high value domain names that you can grab that help to get you top rankings and traffic. Some are already ranked!

11. Finds top forums and blogs in your niche that have new posts related to your niche so you can quickly participate in for getting instant traffic to your website in just minutes.

Inside The Members Area

The navigation is well put together making it easy to navigate and access all of the tools and training. And a really useful feature is the wizard that asks you questions to determine the path (and tools) you need to start with or get access to first. That really makes WebFire custom tailored to the individual. Awesome!


The greatest benefit of using WebFire is that it contains every tool that you’ll ever need all in one place at a cost that is considerably less expensive than hiring an entire team working full time. Ultimately this means saving you a massive amount of time and money compared to doing it yourself (which can take weeks) or paying others to do it. Additionally, there’s nothing to download or install and the tools are compatible with MAC, PC, and Linux.


Although WebFire provides a collection of articles to help you get started with spreading content on the web, many of the article archives are empty (as of now). There are hundreds of niche categories in the archive, but many do not contain articles yet. So until they start building that library, you may have to come up with content in the form of articles on your own depending on your niche. Another small caveat is that humans check each press release submitted. This may delay the acceptance process, but if you think about this, it’s a good thing. When submitting your websites and RSS feeds to ping sites (to let the search engines know that you have updated content), you have to manually do the “pinging” each time you update. But the good news is… the tool stores your website info/ping data so it makes this extra step pretty simple. However I’ve spoken to the owner of WebFire and the better news is that the “automatic pinging” feature is coming which will allow you to setup on a schedule (such as every 3 days, etc) and the tool will automatically ping for you. Some people may think it a “negative” not to be able to download the tools, but I don’t. If there are updates, I don’t have to bother with re-installing or updating or worrying about my computer running slow, etc. When using these tools online, I’m assured that I’m always using the latest version and updates.

Who should buy this product?

Anyone and everyone who wants or needs traffic and leads online. With the intuitive members area and training, even beginners can master traffic generation.

Cost in line with value?

In my opinion, yes. It does all of this BETTER and for LESS than similar services I’ve priced recently. Other sites charge from $97 up to $300/month for access to just a couple of these type tools. You have 3 options after hitting the order button. If you pay up front, you’ll save the most money. If you choose to pay as you go, then you’re looking at $49 per month.


This isn’t advertised on the sales page, but you get an unannounced bonus containing free or matching advertising credits to help you get free website visitors quickly. Nice touch.


30 day money back guarantee. That’s plenty of time to jump in and try out everything to your hearts desire before making any conclusions.

Why 4 of 5 stars instead of 5 out of 5?

Only because it’s in beta and some improvements are still to come :-) Truth is… I LOVE WebFire. I can’t imagine living without it. How I’ll Make Money from just One of WebFire’s Tools… Feel free to take this idea and run with it. Just going through just one of the tools gave me an instant idea for for setting up a simple profit funnel. The tool was the Keyword Domain Finder. I typed in a keyword and in 6 seconds, the tool spit out 82 possible domain names that were available (including telling me how many monthly searches that keyword phrase was getting!). Instantly my brain started racing with ideas for making money with this information. I now see a great domain on a highly searched keyword phrase. I’m going to go out and find (or write) an article that provides 1 or 2 solutions for the people searching with this phrase. I’ll setup a squeeze page offering this article (with 1 or 2 solutions), then make them a special discount offer on a video or ebook, etc that offers many more solutions or related solutions targeted to the topic/niche.


To get 25 tools, all in one place, that saves me hours and weeks of time and automates traffic generation for me and that gets me FREE traffic… for under $50? Definitely a no-brainer investment and a smart business decision for me!  With a full 30 days to try it out and use every available tool to get all the traffic I want, I had nothing to lose. And neither will you… I highly recommend it for anyone who needs more traffic.

Learn more here:*



You need traffic, period. To get it, you can pay for it, hire others to do it for you or do it all yourself manually and end up giving up once you discover the exhorbitant amount of time and dedication it takes to get enough content on the web to make a difference… or you can invest in a tool that automates everything in a matter of minutes with the push of a button for thousands less than what you would pay others to do it for you while getting it done FASTER. I would encourage anyone who needs Traffic (and don’t we all) to try WebFire for themselves. I’m extremely happy with my decision to invest in this. Learn more by going to*: http://secrettrafficmachine.com/webfire

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