Small Business Phone Service

Small Business Phone Service


By: Matt Bacak

The largest expense for any small business is usually communication. This means that it has to look for any means to get higher quality communication channels at affordable prices. Enter Vocalocity small business phone service. This article will look at what it is and why any business should be using it.

What is Vocalocity?

Basically, Vocalocity is a Voice over Internet Protocol Company that’s specially targeted to small businesses. The infrastructure in the small business phone service offered is specially designed to provide very reliable services at a cost that a business with a small budget can easily afford. The best part is that all the services are of very high quality resulting in an almost exponential growth in the business.

Why you should use Vocalocity

The main reasons why you should opt for this small business phone service over all others include:

1.     variety of internet connections

You’ll be able to easily adopt this small business phone service irregardless of your internet connection. Vocalocity caters for connections such as DSL, cable, fiber optic and T1. There will be no appreciable drop in performance because the system will be configured to handle any kind of speed. This means that you can enjoy a high quality small business phone service without having to upgrade your internet connection.

2.     Customized phone systems

Different businesses require different types phone systems which is why Vocalocity provides customization options to small businesses. The process entails providing information on the number of locations, the different names for each location, selecting the type of phones and number of extensions you need in each location and selecting a few additional features like paperless fax, Conference Bridge, call group and the like. This means that you can get a small business phone service that perfectly suits your business activities.

3.     Unique technology

One of the best things about the small business phone service offered by Vocalocity is that it is based on unique technology. This means that the designers developed systems that are devoid of all the kinks found in other VoIP systems and therefore provide a better small business phone service. In this system, development of standards like SIP, CCXML, VoiceXML etc. have been minimized with the effect of increasing the efficiency of open telephony platforms. This means that a business will enjoy better service with Vocalocity than with any other VoIP company.

4.     Superior customer support

No matter how good a certain small business phone service is, a problem or question will always crop up for which you’ll want an immediate answer. In this respect, Vocalocity puts all their clients at ease by having a world class customer support system. You will not have to talk to a machine when you call the headquarters but you’ll referred to experienced, courteous and skilled personnel that will handle your issue within the shortest time possible. You can also opt for the live chat method if you are not in a position to call.

In a nutshell, the small business service offered by Vocalocity is perfect for businesses that want superior phone systems without having to spend a fortune in integration and maintenance.

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