Top 5 List Building Strategies

Top 5 List Building Strategies


By: Matt Bacak

There’s money to be made with a list whether you see it or not. That’s why there are even some companies that make their profit selling lists to people in specified niches and markets. A list is very valuable to any business because in that list there are potential clients, customers, referrals, sales, and repeat sales. It’s very important that any one in business, online or offline, should value their list of generated leads, emails, and subscribers. The individuals on that list have the capability of taking your business to the next level of progress and success.

If you want to build a list that’ll work for you and eventually help you realize profits, then here are the top 5 list building strategies that you need to learn, know and apply to your own business.

1)    Offer Free Incentives. The task of getting people to sign up with their email or contact information can be easier said than done. You can’t just put up an opt-in form and expect people to willingly enter their information. Sometimes it takes more than just a little “sign up now” banner to get people to take action and that’s when offering your visitors freebies can do the trick. Make your offer big and bold so the possibility of overlooking it will be lower. You can offer things like:

  • free report
  • free download
  • contests or giveaways
  • free sample of your product (if e-book or downloadable forms)
  • free 7 day trial, etc.

2)    Provide Valuable Information. Don’t just be another SPAM element flooding their inboxes and personal space, but actually offer your list something valuable and noteworthy so that every time they see your email, message, or notice they’ll be prompted to open it up and read it. This way you’ll also be establishing a reputable relationship with your list as well as gain their trust.

3)    Marketing in Every Form. No one will know what you have to offer if you don’t get your name, brand or product out into the masses. There are many types of marketing tools available online; some are free and some are paid advertisements. A few ways you can market would be by blog marketing, video marketing, ad spaces on different sites and blogs, Google ads, social media ads, and so on.

4)    Joint Ventures and Partnerships. This doesn’t mean you literally have to give away 50% of all profits and leads generated. But when you partner with others in your same market or niche, your audience grows exponentially and your reach is even greater. This is also called networking. You can do this by joining forums, groups on social networks like Facebook or LinkedIn, or guest posting on other people’s blogs and sites.

5)    Optimize Your Efforts. You can’t just apply the first four strategies half heartedly and expect tons of new subscribers and emails right away. No, you have to optimize your efforts to be able to maximize your results. You can do this by putting out effective and proven ads, applying SEO to your content and sites, daily updates and promotions, and frequent interaction with those that are already on your list.

These top 5 list building strategies have been tried and proven. With just 1 to 2 hours a day, you can incorporate all the above in your business and start to see growth and progress. It might take some time and it’ll definitely require diligence and consistency on your end, but if it results in a massive and productive list then it’s a well worth it investment. There’s money in a list; the question is, are you realizing it?

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