Tips to Create the Best WordPress Blog

Tips to Create the Best WordPress Blog

Tips to Create the Best WordPress Blog
By Matt Bacak

If you want to improve the results and functionality of your WordPress blog, I highly suggest you take a look at the various offerings of WordPress. Many people fail to realize how powerful a WordPress blog is because they only use the upfront tools that they see in front of them. Some also fail to look beyond those tools to investigate what other capabilities WordPress has.

Here are some things you need to think about when creating your posts:

When you create your posts, make sure that you’re including all of the tags for each post. Don’t make actual tags specifically with each post.

If you have an existing blog and are not seeing the traffic results you desire, I highly suggest you invest in the WordPress “All in One SEO Pack”. It’s a WordPress plugin. If you simply do a search for “SEO Pack WordPress,” it’ll pop up. Basically, it’s an all-in-one tool that optimizes your WordPress blog for the search engines. It is an extremely powerful tool that does a lot of cool stuff that you might want to think about doing. One of its capabilities is that it avoids typical duplicate content on your WordPress blog. There’s a lot more it can do, but if you take a look at the page on “All In One SEO Pack” for WordPress, you’ll be able to see the endless amount of offerings it has available to the average blogger.

Another important thing you should realize when creating your blog posts in WordPress or any other blog software or web page for that matter, is to never stuff a lot of keywords into your tags. The search engines see this as spamming. If you’ve placed 20 keywords in your tag, that’s far too much. I’d suggest reducing it to about a third of that amount. Too many keywords in your tag equate to getting bad results from the search engines. Too many keywords in your tags leads to poor traffic results which is a bad recipe for disaster.

But remember, SEO, keywords and tags are not the only things you can do to improve your blogs performance. As I always say, create articles and submit them to article directory websites and have those articles point back to your blog. This way you’ll not only be relying on organic traffic, but you’ll also be gaining very good traffic from high trafficked directory websites. Follow these tips and there is no reason why you should not begin to see some very good results with your blog.

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