Tips on How to Track Affiliate Links

Tips on How to Track Affiliate Links

Tips on How to Track Affiliate Links
By Matt Bacak

Becoming an affiliate marketer selling other peoples products online for a portion of the sale is a smart move if you have a list that you can market to. People in any niche love to get product recommendations for things that will help them in their life – whether it be a golf club to help them play golf better or a chair that alleviates stress from their back. People need things to work for them and if you can use affiliate marketing to help them, you can be on the fast track to making a lot of money online.

However, in order to really build a business (besides having a list), you’ll need to test and track what you’re doing to ensure that you’re not wasting time and money. After all, you don’t want to invest hundreds or even thousands of dollars blindly not knowing whether or not your marketing efforts are working or not. You want to make sure that you are tracking everything you do to make sure that you can make the most amount of money possible. You need to test EVERYTHING. From your sales letter, to your email subject line. Tracking and testing every aspect of your business just makes good business sense!

Typically when I’m tracking my affiliate links, I look at the clicks I’m getting from various affiliate accounts. What I usually do is when I’m sending out emails, I’m using HTML email. All of my emails are in a HTML format not text format. Although it looks like a text email, it is actually an HTML email. But I do it this way so that I can easily track my clicks by simply logging into my mailing program. So, that’s how I do it from emails.

I don’t cloak affiliate links at all. But what I do do is I make redirects. I log into my cPanel. I take the affiliate link and change it to a personalized link of my own – aka a redirect link. By doing this, I’m creating redirects and redirecting the affiliate link to go to my own link. I do this so that it’s not a big, long, gobbledy-gook link that sways people from clicking. You can also consider using other programs and other affiliate tracking software available on the market to help you in your tracking and testing efforts.

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