Tips on Getting Traffic Through CPV

Tips on Getting Traffic Through CPV

Tips on Getting Traffic Through CPV
By Matt Bacak

CPV aka Cost Per View is another excellent way to get traffic. But before you begin to use this method let me explain exactly what it is.

Cost per view (CPV) allows you to pay for advertising on someone else’s website through a pop-up or pop-under. So, let’s say you have a website about motorcycle helmets and a visitor is on a related website but it’s about motorcycles. Well, if you paid for CPV advertising, basically your site would appear via a pop-up or pop-under on the motorcycle site, once the visitor viewing that site closed that webpage. So, it gives them the opportunity to click on your website pop-up ad and potentially adds a new visitor who is highly targeted – to visit your website.

Now, one key piece of advice is when using CPV you need to ensure that you always test multiple different pages because not all pages are going to work the best in CPV traffic. Different pages work better. Also, every keyword is going to result differently.

The best way to do it is going to be if you can set up a test where you’re split testing your page. This will allow you to increase your conversion rate. If you get so many hits coming to your site, you can benefit greatly by being able to track the results and see which page is actually converting better. Testing will allow you to change the design or layout of your site for better results. Realistically, the best thing to do if your stick rate is weak is to turn the situation around and make some modifications and changes to your web pages in order to improve the conversion rate of the page(s) in question.

And as I said in part 1 of the previous article, writing articles are also instrumental in improving your traffic numbers. The more articles you write, the more traffic you’re going to get. The more traffic you’re going to get, the more opt-in subscribers you’ll have. All of this is also going to give you more sales.

Remember as long as you consistently update your website, the search engines will recognise this and reward you with targeted traffic. If you’re not consistent, you’re nonexistent – just remember that.

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